THE TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS REVISITED: The Comprehensive Guide to British Music Of The Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976 - by Vernon Joynson BOOK - RARE!

This is a completely revised and updated version of The Tapestry of Delights, originally published in 1995. Many entries have been rewritten, more have been added and all have been updated to include relevant releases since 1995.

The book covers British rock and pop between 1963-1976. It includes detailed discographies (albums, EPs, singles and retrospectives) for almost all entries as well as personnel details, biographical information, in most cases some comment about the music, compilation listings and an up-to-date rarity scale for album and 45 releases between 1963-1976.

A wide range of musical genre are covered: mainstream rock and pop, Merseybeat, R&B, folk, folk-rock, jazz-rock, blues-rock, psychedelia, freakbeat, glam-rock, progressive rock, including many artists who didn't attract the publicity they deserved at the time and many who'd never appeared in music encyclopaedias before. BOOKS T-SHIRTS DVD